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Applecon April 11th, 12th, 13th 2008 Mpls

Pre-Registration Deadline February 14th 2008 $40

To register on-line go here:


Room Reservation Deadlline March 21st
Call NOW Don't delay!

PR behind the cut

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping, …
It's a new year, and the deadlines are creeping up on us. The most pressing one is the February 14 deadline for pre-registering for AppleCon. So, if you haven't already registered, now is the time to swing over to http://www.minneapplecon.com , follow the link to the registration page, and register for AppleCon.

After you've registered, swing by the T-Shirt page, where you can pre-order your convention t-shirt (thus allowing you to pick up you t-shirt at the same time you pick up your badge at registration). T-shirts must be pre-ordered - they will not be for sale at the convention. Browse the Members page to see who else is planning on attending.
There are still rooms available at the convention rate (Double & King rooms, $99. Suites, $119) if you book before March 21. Call to make reservations (952-854-9000 or toll-free at 1-800-465-4329).
Guests of Honor
Writer GoH S. L. Farrell has been busy. He has a story in Inside Straight, a new WILD CARDS book appearing in January. He also has a new novel, A Magic of Twilight, coming out in February.

Music GoH Steven Leigh revealed an unexpected talent at Windycon, where he provided backup vocals on Sympathy for the Devil.

Fan GoH Steve has put in appearances at Windycon and at the CFG's New Years revelries.
We'll have music, and programming, and pie.

There will be performances and workshops during the day, performances by local musicians in the early evening, and one or more music circles at night.

Our programming ideas and tentative schedule can be found by following the Programming link from the AppleCon home page.

And pie - Mmmmmmmmmmm, pie. Help make pie possible for our hungry members. Please donate to our Pie Fund.
Thinking of hosting a room party? You can host yours in the Consuite; just let us know when to get out of your way. For more information please contact the chairs.
Irregular AppleCon updates can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/applecon/. Recent posts feature a video of Fred A Levy Haskell performing Red Dancing Shoes. See if you can spot one of our GoHs in the background! For bonus points, identify which of our GoHs you spot.
In The Beginning
Many people (ok, one or two people) have asked “How did AppleCon come to be?” and “Why did you choose such an inconvenient time for AppleCon?”

It appears that there is a definite danger in fandom of gathering many fans in a single location, especially when they're having a really good time, and most especially when the good times are fueled, in part, by alcohol. The genesis of the 2010 Australian Worldcon comes to mind as a prime example of what can happen.

AppleCon started in much the same way. A bunch of fans were at a music party at Minicon. It is possible that some amount of alcohol had been consumed. Regardless, the guilty parties were having a really good time, and thought it would be a good idea to replicate those good times in a separate convention. A crude flyer was drawn up, membership rates were established, some number of people paid for memberships, and here we are.

As far as when AppleCon should happen - well, as long as they'd gathered money, the guilty parties decided to set a time. A quick consensus was established - AppleCon should happen at a time when Fred A Levy Haskell could attend. Which turned out to be early April, a few weeks after Minicon.
Who Are We, Anyway?
Co-chairs, Laura Jean & Larry Sanderson
Treasurer, Ann Viviano
Music Man, Chas Somdahl
Art, Bonnie Somdahl
Guest Liaison, Bruce Schneier

Contact Laura Jean at Mizzlaurajean@harrietmanor.com
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