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Don't know what to get that special someone..... a weekend to remember with music, friends, Wizard, pie. What could be romantic......

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Are you going to be camping at the Winnipeg Folk Festival? Are you camping with us? Let's hear from you, so we can get you on the Baggiecon mailing list, where all sorts of important bag-related information is available.

Time is short, but the years are long.


heads up, folks.

It's nearly high season, with Baggiecon just weeks away. If you're planning to attend, getting on the Baggiecon e-mail list is the best way connect with the group. If you leave an e-mail address in a comment, I'll send you the info you need to get on baord.


Welcome to Baggiecon

I'm not sure how much traffic this community might get. I created it mostly because I thought it should be here, and because doing the list of interests was so much fun. I'm sure I left out a bunch of important ones.

People who camp at Baggiecon have a mailing list to talk about the events and plans. If you should be on it, speak up and I'll point you towards it.

A mug o' Baileys to ye all, then!